Island Adventures Turks & Caicos Activities

Island Adventures Turks & Caicos Activities

Turks & Caicos Activities Turks & Caicos Activities a nature lover’s paradise, with unique wildlife, above & below our waters, there are lots of options for your perfect Turks Caicos vacation…
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The Turks Caicos Islands are known for our relaxed pace and serene setting, but there’s plenty to do if simply relaxing on our world famous beaches and in the calm aquamarine waters don’t occupy all your time.

Ours is a nature lover’s paradise, with unique wildlife, flora and fauna throughout the islands and below our waters. Home to the third-largest reef system in the world, our scuba diving and snorkeling spots are world renowned and teem with a wide range of Caribbean species of fish and other creatures such as conch, lobster, dolphins, turtles, and even whales – as well as breathtaking coral formations. This makes the Turks & Caicos a fisherman’s dream, as well. With the reef system just a few hundred yards off shore (dropping off to depths of more than 3,000 feet) the big stuff meets the small stuff right off our shores.

A host of expert tour operators can guide you through Turks & Caicos activities our water and land attractions, with a wide range of vessels and vehicles to accommodate groups of all sizes and experience. Whether you want to explore the depths of our reefs, looks for unique birds (such as the beautiful pink flamingo), animals (how about getting close to the Turks Island Rock Iguana?) and flowers and plants (know what a Turks head cactus is?) on one of our uninhabited islands.

The islands have no shortage of famous historical and natural landmarks on land, and tours can easily be arranged by your hotel or resort staff. There are museums, historical buildings and ruins dating back to pre-Columbus days, and natural points of interest like our famous Middle Caicos caves or Flamingo Lake on North Caicos.

The turks & caicos activities offer fun and interesting sites on all our islands, so if you have time, plan on visiting more than one. Transportation between the islands is easy to arrange, either by boat or plane, and each one offers something a little different to see. We have history, culture, nature and, best of all friendly local people, for you to meet and experience on each island.


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