Babymooning in Provo

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Seven Stars Resort, Grace Bay Beach

Seven Stars Resort Grace Bay Beach

Here’s why we’d recommend this resort for your family vacation:

Pure luxury, and all the amenities you can dream of exists at this stunning resort that sits at the heart of the Grace Bay area. You’ll enjoy sipping on a cocktail from the beachfront bar, the spa, large pool, amazing beachfront views from your suite and being walking distance to everything including plenty of shops and restaurants. Complimentary breakfast, water sports, two great restaurants/bars, a family pool, an adults pool, fitness center, bikes, tennis, and even a spa for mom and dad to enjoy!


Babymooning is a hot new travel trend.

First made popular by Hollywood royalty, celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian all took brief jaunts to exotic locales before the birth of their children.

Even real royalty, meaning Prince William and Kate Middleton, took a relaxing break, with Wills renting out a Balinese-style villa before the birth of little George.

So what is babymooning exactly, you may be wondering?

Babymooning: Share Quality Time While Preparing for Parenthood

Babymooning is the idea that an expectant couple should take a few days to relax, share quality time together and otherwise prepare themselves for the hectic demands of parenthood.

In other words, before two becomes three, couples should truly share intimate alone time together before it becomes nearly impossible to do so for the next few years. Not a bad idea, eh??

And with babymooning, relaxation truly is key. Doctors recommend taking the trip in the second trimester or early on in the third trimester. And fathers-to-be should prepare to pamper expectant mothers.

It is highly recommended to choose a quiet, soothing place with comfortable temperatures. A place where spa massages, warm sunny days and other indulgences are possible. babymoon_grace_bay

Turks & Caicos: Babymooning Mecca

So, it should come as no surprise that the Turks & Caicos Islands is quickly becoming one of the babymooning locations of choice. Never crowded and never noisy, relaxation couldn’t be easier in this balmy beach paradise.

With gourmet restaurants on every corner, prenatal spa services and couples massages available at several resorts and beautiful sparkling warm turquoise waters to soothe the soul, the Turks could not be better equipped to cater to mothers-to-be.

And with this hot new travel trend, some luxury resorts have been taking notice and are now offering special niche packages for babymooning couples.

Not to be missed:  Babymooning at the Seven Stars Resort!

The Seven Stars Resort, for example, specially caters to babymooners with the following promise, “…….we provide an extra level of service, attention and amenities for moms-and-dads-to- be.”

At the Seven Stars Resort, the lovebirds’ getaway starts with a day of seclusion aboard the Lady Tamara – a 29 ft. boat – that safely transfers the couple to a private nearby cay where a picnic lunch, umbrellas and chairs will magically appear for the couples’ enjoyment.

For a subsequent day, the resort’s award-winning spa offers couples the perfect setting to de-stress while they reconnect.


Some of our resorts don’t have elevators in them, so ask us about requesting a unit on the ground floor depending on which resort you’re interested in.  Most resorts don’t guarantee a particular floor, but we can request one for you.  There are a few options though where you can book a particular room category that is on the ground floor specifically, e.g. the poolside suites at The Somerset on Grace Bay.

Rejuvenate Your Body With a Pre-natal Massage

A pre-natal massage for her and a hot-stone massage for him in-suite or beachside are sure to rejuvenate body and soul. Recently ranked a Top 25 Spa in the World’ by Condé Nast Traveler, Seven Stars Resort’s Spa boasts expert spa therapists that specialize in a variety of techniques and treatments designed to refresh and revitalize.

As day turns to night, babymooners can cap off their day with a “mocktail” (a nonalcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices and/or soft drinks) at the relaxing beachfront restaurant/bar, The Deck, or they can watch the sun set in dramatic fashion from their private and spacious balcony.

Remember, it’s all about indulgence, and that is one thing the Turks has in spades.


Tips for Planning the Best Babymoon Possible

Here are some tips for experiencing the best babymoon possible:

  • Visit a doctor before your trip. It’s always best to get the go- ahead from a trained professional. He or she will also give you any needed prescription medication, so be sure to remember to bring that to your destination.
  • Dress in layers. Even though the weather in the Turks is pretty predictable, with warm, sunny afternoons and cool beach breezes after sunset, pregnant women often experience fluctuating hormones and their body temperatures can change often and unexpectedly
  • Pamper, pamper, pamper. Fathers-to-be should treat their wives to any extravagance they can think of. From a simple foot rub to a delicious breakfast of chocolate-covered strawberries, try and make this trip as special as you can
  • Pictures: Hire a professional, such as Brilliant Studios to capture your last special moments together in this lovely beachside paradise

Spa Treatments for Babymooners

The Palms Resort’s award-winning Spa commands more than an acre of meticulously-designed space at the resort.

Each treatment room is surrounded by calming water and has its own unique water feature by day and fire feature by night.  White-tented cabanas offer seclusion for traditional Caribbean herbal remedies.

Sample Spa treatments:


This locally-inspired herbal cleansing and detoxification ritual for the whole body is fostered by a bewitching infusion of freshly-brewed therapeutic herbs. A cooling wrap and a body massage designed to release the body’s toxins completes the soothing ritual.

Mother of Pearl Body Exfoliation

Hand-crushed, locally-sourced queen conch shells are combined with aromatherapy oils to smooth and polish the skin. An expert full-body exfoliation is followed by a soothing rain shower, and hydrating and moisturizing treatment.

Moonlight and Stars 

Enjoy a massage for two in the privacy of your patio as you relax under the tropical stars and listen to the soothing sounds of the Caribbean ocean. The ultimate moonlit indulgence for lovers.

So, there you have it. The perfect way to make memories that will last a lifetime. For the perfect babymooning tropical escape, it is the Turks & Caicos all the way. Come on down and experience luxury like you have never experienced it before. We’re waiting for you.

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