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5 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions… Turks and Caicos-Style!

There is one lingering part of the Christmas break that lingers around like an unwelcome guest all year: your New Year’s resolutions.

On January 1st you promise “I’ll lose 20 pounds! I’ll run a marathon! I’ll stop eating Big Macs!” But as the bleak month of January grinds on, all of your promises fade…Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Organizing Your Destination Wedding

Turks and Caicos Reservations interviews Meggie Francisco , a Dallas-based wedding planner who has cultivated an international reputation for designing local and destination weddings.

We’ve heard that destination weddings are sometimes cheaper than “conventional weddings” held closer to home. Is this true?

Destination weddings are often more affordable for lots of reasons!

Resorts offer strong wedding…Read more

Babymooning in Provo

Babymooning is a hot new travel trend.

First made popular by Hollywood royalty, celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian all took brief jaunts to exotic locales before the birth of their children.

Even real royalty, meaning Prince William and Kate Middleton, took a relaxing…Read more

Achieving Inner Balance at Parrot Cay Spa

The journey to wellness at Parrot Cay’s COMO Shambhala Ayurvedic pavilion begins with a chant.

Surrounded by windows that look out to lush vegetation and the ocean beyond, the patient and therapist touch hands, close their eyes and exhale a vibrating “om.”

“This vibration brings a harmony between the guest and therapist,” says Dr. Pradeep…Read more