Drone Videos of Grace Bay beach

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Grace Bay beach – it never surprises me to hear about another award, news article, blog, Tripadvisor top 5 list, or Instagram post announcing that it’s the best in the world. Even after booking vacations to the beach for over ten years, it’s still fascinating to me when I gaze out and see over a dozen shades of turquoise.

Soft powdery sand. Brilliant turquoise waters. The barrier reef found a mile out protects Grace Bay from the ocean swells of the Atlantic … making it’s calm, inviting, enjoyable.

Where did the name come from?
The beach was named after Grace Jane Hutchings, wife of Hugh Houston Hutchings, Commissioner of the Turks and Caicos from 1933-1934.

Where along the 12 miles should you stay?
Great question, and it’s the exact reason we flew a drone along the three main sections of the beach, so that you can get a bird’s eye view of what the beachfront areas actually look like.

DRONE VIDEOS of the different sections of the 12 mile stretch of Mother Nature’s very best.

Grace Bay West Beach

This section of Grace Bay is just slightly removed from the main central part of downtown Grace Bay – but it’s a mere 8 minute drive away, so you’re still within general proximity to most everything. However, what this part of the beach has that cannot be found anywhere else is some wonderful snorkeling! Coral Gardens (aka ‘Bight Reef’) and Smith’s Reefs both offer excellent snorkeling opportunities where you can literally wade in from shore with your mask and fins and see lots of colorful fish and coral as well as other marine life like sea turtles and sting rays. The big Beaches All Inclusive Resort sits on this section of the beach as well. This area spans from The Sands at Grace Bay and goes all the way westward to Wymara resort. Coral Gardens the snorkel reef is at the half way point, and just beyond Wymara is Smith’s Reef.

Grace Bay Central Beach

The Central ‘downtown’ part of Grace Bay is where you’ll find many of the amazing restaurants of Provo, shops and boutiques, the Graceway Gourmet grocery store, ice cream and pizza stores, a few places to find some local art and so much more. Three main shopping plazas are here that are really considered to be the epi-center of Providenciales: Regent Village, Saltmills Plaza and Ports of Call. The resorts in this area are generally all within 1 to 10 minutes walk to the downtown core. If you’d like to have easy access to these things, consider a stay at some of our upscale resorts like Seven Stars, Grace Bay Club, or the quaint Point Grace — more affordable options would include Ocean Club West, and Sands at Grace Bay.

Grace Bay East Beach

The eastern part of Grace Bay is nice in that there’s slightly less activity going on as compared to the main downtown Central Grace Bay area, so the beachfront area in front of some of the resorts tend to be a bit more quiet (there are some exceptions though, e.g. sometimes in front of Club Med it can get a bit busy during some periods of the year). The island’s only golf course is located in this area. Some people make the walk to get to the Central downtown Grace Bay area, some opt to bike, or cab it or just drive there if they have a rental car. This area spans from Royal West Indies to The Venetian on Grace Bay. The walk to the downtown Grace Bay area is just about 15 minutes or a 3 -5 minute cab ride away.

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