Josie – the Turks and Caicos mermaid

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Decked out in sequins, flowing garb and a glittering tail, Josie delights visitors to the Turks as an underwater mermaid.

Wearing no apparent scuba gear or contraptions, just how does she do this?

Turks and Caicos mermaid

For the Turks and Caicos, Josie adds just a little more magic to an already
magical and enchanting place.

Josie is the only free-diving expert living in the Turks. Unlike deep sea diving or scuba diving, free-diving requires learning how to hold your breath for a very, very long time……without the aid of a breathing apparatus. This requires a good deal of physical and psychological training to master.

London-born Josie began her underwater career in 2005, when she and her husband took free-diving courses in Thailand. Josie continued taking these courses for several years and eventually earned her AIDA (International Association for Development of Apnea) certification in Egypt. For the next three years, she earned the distinction of being the only free-diving instructor in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Today, Josie plays the character of Bella, the sassy and beautiful mermaid that captivates visitors that take the Undersea Explorer submarine tour run by Alastair Dods.

Bella fascinates and enchants children and tourists of all ages with her antics; she eats sea grass on the ocean floor, blows kisses to those peeping at her in awe, and swims alongside the submarine, giving viewers a real treat.

Josie loves the “creativity and playfulness of being Bella,” and it’s probably pretty awesome to be able to tell people that she works professionally as a mermaid.

For the Turks and Caicos, Josie adds just a little more magic to an already magical and enchanting place.

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