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I get a lot of callers always mentioning traveling with their kids and wondering what to do with them while in Provo. So since we live here with our two sons since they were ages 3 and 5 – I thought I would share our experience.

Of course, there is Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa, the fabulous all-inclusive resort in Provo– what kid could get enough of Beaches! It’s our version of DisneyLand. Water Slides, games rooms, more restaurants than you can imagine! Even if you are not staying there, you can buy a Day Pass to get in for the day and experience the all-inclusive fun and food.


But there is plenty more in Provo as well.

It always amazes me how much time our boys can spend at the beach – and at any age (we moved here when my youngest was 3 years old and came to visit here the year before, so since they were 2 and 4). They start by just playing with the sand – 1 shovel will do, and then they want more sand toys – pail, shovel, sifter, etc. And then a truck and now at 5 and 7, they would really like a full sized spade –the best thing is to dig a really huge hole! Luckily, most resorts here have complimentary sand toys available for kids use. The other thing they enjoy is soccer on the beach, throwing the football and kite flying.

At Coral Gardens Snorkeling Reef, our youngest started snorkeling when he was 3 years old. We put a life jacket on him and goggles and would pull him a long. He would look in the water and come up for breath. And now they are both snorkeling properly – fins and all. But for those starting out, in the shallow area by Coral Gardens Reef, a 5 year old could stand up and look in the water and see fish in some areas! And for the kids that are a bit older, Big Blue offers Diving Clubs for kids starting from 10 years old.


A lot of resorts, also provide non motorized water sports. And the kids loved kayaking and going on the hobie cat. Starting at 7 years old, the Provo Salining Club has lessons for kids. Or some resorts, like West Bay Club and Somerset Resort, actually will take you out and show you how to sail!

Another fun thing we love to do is go to the Kid’s Bight Park – swings, slides, picnic tables and beach volleyball right off of the beach! It is beautiful and always a lot of fun for the kids and relaxing for me to sit and read a book while they enjoy as well.

I always encourage people to take a trip to other islands as well. My boys LOVE the ferry to North Caicos – it flies over the waves and is really fun for the kids! Once you reach North – they enjoy the beaches, snorkeling, fishing and looking out for flamingoes. Drive over to Middle to enjoy some wonderful food at Daniel’s Café and go to my favourite spot – Mudjin Harbour. And lastly, the caves in Middle Caicos are a must!


If you have kids, let me help you plan a perfect island vacation for the whole family.

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