Revealing the Hidden Gems in Turks and Caicos

by Mar 25, 2011Family Islands1 comment

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Turks and Caicos is best known as a destination for the rich and famous, with luxurious resorts lining its world-renown beaches.  But, there is another personality to our islands – one that plays to those looking for a low-key, relaxing get away that doesn’t cost a fortune.

For those,  we have a number of Turks and Caicos resorts that are not only good for the budget, but  also provide great value in terms of location and offerings.  Typically, these are only available to the really resourceful people who seek them out — or to clients of Turks and Caicos Reservations (link to TCR home page)!  Generally speaking – it’s not these value resorts and hotels in Turks and Caicos that you read about in the press.  Instead, what often gets featured are the beaches and resorts of the Turks and Caicos that offer high-end services and luxurious amenities .    So, I was delighted to see one of my favorite travel newsletters publish this article called the Affordable Turks and Caicos.


This pieces focuses on one of our premier properties, The Island Club, and describes the wonderful experience the travel writer had while she was here.
I like the way she points out how the property is only steps from the beach and provides many of the same types of services found in the high-end properties but in a more “do-it-yourself” style.   We’ve booked many visitors into these townhomes and have had good feedback from them on the value for money they provide.  I believe after this article gets out there, we’ll have even more inquires.   But, don’t fear.

Even as word gets out about the value of The Island Club, there are still many other hidden gems – like this one – that await you in Turks and Caicos.    Just call us and we’ll be glad to reveal them to you.

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