Snorkeling Malcolm’s Beach Turks and Caicos

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Snorkeled Malcolm’s Beach today in Turks & Caicos and wanted to share my experience for those interested.

To get there, we drove on the coatal Blue Hills road, and, instead of turning right toward the Northwest Point Resort, just kept on driving straight.  Drove for about 20 minutes until we saw the sign for Malcolm’s Beach.  We were driving in a minivan, and made it through okay even though the roads were a bit bumpy at times.

Got to the beach, amazingly turquoise water, and saw the infamous Amanyara Resort to the left.  We weren’t really sure where to start snorkeling, so just jumped right in… about 200 yards out, we came across an amazing coral tree (not sure what the technical term is for it?) and there were just swarms of really colorful fish feeding all around it, it was actually about 30 feet tall and quite amazing to see.  Just past the ‘tree’ it started to get a bit deeper, and neither of us (my wife and I) had our fins on at the time, so we decided to not risk it (at the time, we were the only ones on the beach).

Snorkeling around, there were countless other fish, coral fans, and pretty cool stuff to see.  On the way back to shore, we caught a glimpse of a sting ray just hovering in the sand, and as we approached, it hovered up a bit and swam up, pretty cool to see.

We had our kids with us (they played on the beach), so we didn’t have a lot more time to go exploring, but will definitely be back to check out more!


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