The Good Ship Atabeyra – one of Provo’s top attractions

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Even though I live here on the island, things still tend to get busy with the usual routine of school for the kids, work, and sports.  So we’ve only had the pleasure of a pleasure  ride on Dave’s Atabeyra twice now, and both times had an excellent time.

img_0912-225x300Easter Monday, and we pulled up to the Big Blue back yard in Leeward around 1:45 pm with a bunch of friends who decided to rent out the boat for a half day and enjoy some time on the water.  Adults and kids all got on board and got quickly settled in with our bags of goodies, towels, etc and proceeded to leave the dock right on time.  The vessel itself sails gracefully on the water and the mood is easy and relaxing with all of us taking in the turquoise shades of the water and listening to the cool reggae vibes.  Weather was just mint as a cool ocean breeze cooled the hot rays on the back.  Junior (just started about 6 months ago with the Atabeyra) was a nice addition to the trip, was interesting hearing his story about coming up the ranks in the Caicos Marina in Long Bay.

After sipping on some beverages and just chillin, catching up with friends and enjoying the ride, we pulled up to the old and abandoned ship out in the middle of the ocean, at first, I thought we were just getting close to it to check it out, but I then heard a few of the guys and teens jumping out of the boat, swimming to the net type ladder and proceeded to climb up the ship!  Scary, but fun, I couldn’t resist and took the ‘plunge’ out myself and did the same thing.  These crazy kids got all the way to the very top (bow) of this monstrous ship, and jumped off the bow!  Well, I couldn’t let that happen without giving it a go myself, so I did the deed with a ‘weeeeeeeeeee’ all the way down and slammed into the frigthening but irresistable water below.  What a rush!  I was a proud dad when my 7 year old jumped off the Atabeyra and proceeded to swim to the ship as well to do the same thing, so up I went with him and followed him down.

After spending another half hour or so just swimming around and enjoying the scenery, we got on board again and headed past the point to Little Water Cay (Iguana Island), where a bunch of the little ones got off again and went exploring to see Iguanas.  I decided that it was again another time to catch up on the drinks and chatted away some more while some of my fav Marley tunes came on.  What a life!  Some of the boys ended up playing soccer on the beach and the girls went swimming.

Back to the marina in Leeward by Big Blue, goodbyes to all, and on our way back home.

All in all, this was probably one of the most memorable Easter Mondays we’ve had as a family.

Thanks to the great company, Captain Dave, Junior, and Turks & Caicos’ Resident favourite, the good ship Atabeyra.

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