TOP 100 THINGS TO DO in the Turks & Caicos

Day trip to North & Middle Caicos

Explore the huge limestone cave system of Middle Caicos island and see the spectacular seascapes of Mudjin Harbour and Crossing Point bluffs on this unique personalized safari tour. If you are into caves, beaches, and a taste of the old West Indies, this journey is for you.

We pick you up at your hotel at 8:30 am and head to the ferry where you get a full briefing on the tour. Then, at 9:30 am, we hop on the ferry for a gorgeous 30 minute ride through the archipelago of the Caicos Cays to North Caicos. From pick up our SUV or van and head through the lush, green island, past small villages and shallow ponds where we hope to see Flamingos, before reaching the Conch Bar Caves–second largest in the Caribbean region. You get a privately guided tour deep into several “rooms,” including one where Taino Indian ceremonies took place long ago. Highlight–“Bat City”–but if you are concerned about bats, no worries. We can just walk through the cave entrance section, which itself has lots of stactites and stalegmites.

Then it’s on to Mudjin Harbour, one of the most beautiful settings for a beach anywhere on the planet. Seriously, it’s jaw-dropping. We hike up to the bluff where you get a spectacular view of the beach and pristine coastline along the wild Atlantic. You don’t have to be in great shape to walk up to the bluffs, but if you have any walking issues, we can go directly to the beach below.

Definitely beach time for you to swim in the window-pane clear waters at Mudjin Harbour (which is not actually a “harbour,” just the beach, water, and you) or just walk the shore.

About lunch time, we head to Daniel’s Cafe for a delicious lunch of locally caught fresh snapper and conch. Very funky place with true Caribbean feel, including lots of reggae and calypso music playing all the time. If someone is not a fish eater, no problem. We can accommodate.

Those with extra energy will have the opportunity to go for a run along a hard packed sand road that follows the coast for more incredibly beautiful seascapes.

Last stop is the Barracuda Bar in North Caicos–the coolest thatched roofed bar right on the beach. Cold coconuts will be waiting for us.

Along the way, we tell you the fascinating history of the place, including Taino Indians, Columbus’s landing in 1492, the real pirates of the Caribbean who hid out on these islands,slave ships wrecks, arrival of Loyalists and slaves following the American Revolution–and bring you right up to present times.

We’re return on the 4:00 pm ferry and have you back in Provo by 4:30 pm and the hotel before 5:00 pm.

  • Cost per person: 4+ people: $295
  • Cost per person: 3 people: $350
  • Cost per person: 2 people: $395
    (plus $12 government tax per person)

Tour includes transfers from your hotel, guide, ferry ride, private vehicle, cave tour, beaches, coconuts, snacks, water, lunch.

Note: If you are in a villa outside Grace Bay, there may be an extra charge for the transport to and from the ferry, unless, of course, you have your own vehicle.

Essentials: Bring sturdy sandals, hat, sunscreen, extra shirt, and camera. Swim suit/ towel optional.

Fair Warning: Imagination likely to run wild. You may feel (or be) transported back in time as shipwrecked sailor centuries ago meeting up with local Taino indians and participating in their ceremonies deep in the cave. Nobody leaves without being awestruck. Possible bonus: Humpback whales migrating along this coast January-March. May come close enough to be a major lunch-time distraction. Reserve your North and Middle Caicos Tours.

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