TOP 100 THINGS TO DO in the Turks & Caicos

Educational and Fun Eco-Tours with Big Blue


Explore the serene channels of Mangrove Cay in search of juvenile marine life including a variety of fish, rays, baby sharks, conch, starfish and turtles. Keep your eyes tuned in for the birdlife that flutters between the branches or sits silently waiting for its weary prey. Paddle your kayak across the channel to visit the Iguana Sanctuary on Little Water Cay; your fee includes the entrance ticket to the Turks and Caicos National Trust wildlife site, and a stop at a spectacular beach within the Nature Reserve for a walk and a swim. Beginners are welcome, basic kayaking instruction is provided. Big Blue uses the comfortable single and tandem Necky recreational touring kayaks for this eco-tour which includes a full back support seating system.



Big Blue conducts Provo’s only dedicated 4hr snorkel eco-tour that allows you to spend as much time snorkeling on the coral reefs as possible. It also caters to a maximum of 6-12 guests (boat depending). The Snorkel Eco-tours are conducted on the reefs that run between Providenciales and North Caicos. Sites are chosen to maximize the snorkel experience and are timed to coincide with the tides for optimum visibility.

Reef fish and coral identification books are onboard the snorkel boat and your guide will introduce you to the basics of coral ecology, fish identification, and reef etiquette.

The guides are also very conscientious at helping guests feel comfortable in the water and can show you basic snorkel & duck-diving techniques. This area is suitable for novice snorkelers as long as they are reasonably comfortable swimmers. The depth typically ranges from 3ft to 10ft but there is nowhere to stand-up. Big Blue will provide swim belts if required. The reefs also offer some fun coral overhangs and challenging swim-throughs for the more adventurous snorkeler or free-diver.

During the winter months of January, February and March our waters are often teeming with migrating humpbacks. Their arrival times vary but we are always ready and with years of experience our guides and captains are able to maximize your chances of “SOFT IN WATER” encounters where possible with these stunning animals. There are no guarantees but the snorkel ecotour will give you a good chance to see them if you are short on time. Our Edge of the Bank safaris and private charters are highly recommended during this time of year if its whales you want to see.



Big Blue’s daily Stand Up Ecotour is proving to be just as popular as the Kayak Ecotour. At only 2 hours this introductory tour is simple and easy. We take a maximum of 6 guests and gently introduce beginners to the mangrove ecology and the core concepts of stand up paddle boarding technique needed to really enjoy this amazing sport and recreation. Our guides cover the basics about:

  • The paddle
  • Stance
  • Posture
  • Grip
  • The correct stroke
  • Getting on and off the board
  • Turning, stopping and safety.

The guided tour then continues into the mangroves of the Nature Reserve and where the added advantage of a standing position offers stunning views of birds, fish and the mangroves themselves.

The stand up paddleboard experience is a superb way to see the islands and greatly increases self-confidence and is excellent for balance and core strength.

Our daily tours leave from our base in Leeward, Providencials and it is highly recommended to book these excursions in advance. This tour is also a prerequisite for any extended range tours and rentals we offer.