TOP 100 THINGS TO DO in the Turks & Caicos

Sea Turtle Tagging

Turtle Tagging Initiative

Guests of all ages can take an active role in protecting the Sea Turtle population of the Turks & Caicos. Resident naturalist Jaclyn leads the way as you track and tag sea turtles in the wild, helping to provide insight into their breeding, foraging and migratory behaviours..

This 3/4 day adventure takes you to the shallow waters of the Caicos Banks off the south coast of Middle and North Caicos, where there is an abundance of turtles and marine life. With the expert guidance of our Resident Naturalist and legendary fishermen Dave Clare and Gilbert Jennings, learn how to catch, flipper tag and release turtles in the wild. Accompanying TCI’s most renowned and colorful fishing duo offers our guest an authentic cultural experience while also contributing to the livelihoods of these TCI fishermen. Take this opportunity to give back to these beautiful island, the people and the endangered sea turtles.