Kite Boarding
in Turks and Caicos

Kite Boarding Activities in Turks and Caicos Island

We would be happy to customize your itinerary by adding some of these experiences. Note – we only book these items for guests who book their full vacation with Turks and Caicos Reservations including their accommodations.

Kite-Safari (Half Moon Bay)

Kite boarders looking to break away from Long Bay should not miss the opportunity to kite in the flat and incredible waters of Half Moon Bay, just minutes by boat from Provo. Unrivalled terrain in a breathtaking setting is easily some of the best riding in the country. Get on board.

Backcountry Kite down winder (North Caicos)

The downwind kite board trip from North Caicos to Provo, pioneered by our kite team, is an epic and not to be missed. The flat-water heaven behind the Caicos Cays has mangrove stashes riddled with channels and cays ideal for carving, boosting and charging. A good North East wind with incoming tide open this paradise up to kite boarders who land their kites on Leeward Point (Emerald Point) with smiles plastered across their faces. Be sure to make this part of your Big Blue kite-boarding adventure.

Kite Quest

Rack ‘em and stack’em – all aboard with your friends and fellow wind addicts to get right off the beaten path. If you think Long Bay is good then words will not suffice. Untapped kiting treasure troves lie beyond the horizon. Miles of empty beaches as well as areas only possible with West winds. We’ll set you up to ride in places that will blow your mind. Throw in snorkel and deserted beach adventures in between sessions and you’ll be coming back from an adventure of a lifetime. Experienced kite skills highly recommended (i.e. deep water launching, riding up wind, self rescue).