Non Motorized Water Sports
in Turks and Caicos

Non Motorized Water Sports

Kayak Eco Tour

Experience our legendary signature eco tour. TCI’s number eco tour is still going strong after 20 years. Explore and learn all about the serene mangrove habitats, nursery grounds, the iguana sanctuary, marine life, birds and coastal ecology then swim at a beautiful beach. Beginners are welcome.

Wilderness Paddle board Adventure

Boat to a wilderness area in the southern part of North Caicos. Recognized as an international wetland area, the labyrinth of mangrove channels begs exploration by paddleboard or kayak.

Enjoy our pioneering tour into the mangroves to see amazing marine and bird life of the National Reserve just five minutes away from our office. Our expert guides provide thorough instruction at every step of the way.

Chalk Sound Kayak Adventure

Explore the spectacular turquoise waters of Chalk Sound with the power of a kayak sail. Travel by vehicle to Chalk Sound in south-west Provo, a designated National Park. Launch tandem kayaks and effortlessly cruise downwind across the inland waters under the power of a kayak sail. Drop the sail as Chalk Sound gives way to Silly Creek and kayak a short distance to an otherwise inaccessible beach where a light picnic lunch awaits. An old ruin on a nearby hill top provide generous views of the area. The maximum number of paddlers is 8 and 12 years old and up is recommended.

SUP and Snorkel Eco Tour

Paddle through the Nature Reserve and wetlands past Little Water Cay and out to the barrier reef. Using the wind or the tide or both will take you from the shallows to the deep, across the lagoon to the reef. See turtles, rays and juvenile sharks from above and then check them out from below. It’s an awesome and unique trip no one else can do. Boat support provided on the reef for snorkeling. Prior paddle experience is required. Doing our 2-hour SUP eco tour before hand is ideal.

Edge of The Banks Adventure

This adventurous boat trip is hands down a team favourite. And for good reasons as well. It is simply awesome. There is no public trip like this available in the TCI. Visit French Cay or West Caicos & other remote islands and snorkel reefs located around the edge of the Caicos Banks. Secret spots, open ocean encounters, stunning virgin reefs and rarely a boat in sight. You’ll experience the “Collective” nature and passion of team Big Blue, where we bring you unrivalled action, adventure and education. Cameras are essential. Prior snorkel experience is recommended.