Wellness Activities
in Turks and Caicos


Wellness vacations means so much for so many different people. For some it is an organized retreat, but for others it is a combination of relax, rejuvenation, exercise including yoga, mindfulness and good and healthful cuisine. These are components that a lot of the resorts in Turks and Caicos have always offered. Other local businesses have expanded this offering to provide a well rounded menu to choose from with regards to wellness on your vacation. Highlighted below are a few of the top choices.


The Palms Spa

The Palms Spa is one of the best spas in Turks and Caicos and has won awards for being the best in the Caribbean. Treatment rooms are intermixed among natural foliage and their water feature, along with a sauna, steam room, outdoor shower and many other features. Also enjoy yoga during scheduled classes.

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Parrot Cay Spa

Guests of Como Parrot Cay experience a true menu of wellness services courtesy of Como Shamhala offered at the spa. Overlooking the wetlands and built amongst the tropical plans and flowers, the indoor-outdoor experience at the spa is rejuvenating and refreshing. Enjoy spa treatments, yoga and the outdoor jacuzzi.

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Amanyara Spa

Set around a tranquil pond, Amanyara’s Spa encompasses four treatment pavilions, a relaxation pavilion and an outdoor yoga sala. The Fitness Centre features a Pilates studio and cardio and resistance training equipment. The Club House has four tennis courts, a multi-sport field and volleyball court.

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Fitness and Yoga

Many resorts in Turks and Caicos offer state of the art fitness centers with top of the line cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights. And some of our favorite ones offer amazing views! Nothing motivates more working out while watching a stunning Caribbean landscape

Retreat Yoga

Retreat Yoga Studio is centrally located in the Ports of Call plaza. They offer a variety of classes to cater to all levels from beginner to intermediate. Drop in passes can be purchased or weekly and monthly passes as well. Visit http://www.retreattc.com for further details. Beach Enclave Villas offers complimentary yoga classes by Retreat for their guests on the Beach Enclave yoga decks at either their Long Bay or North Shore locations

Wymara Resort

The Spa at Wymara Resort offers a great variety of fitness classes. Click here for a sample schedule. Their fitness center offers state of the art equipment in a beautiful setting

COMO Parrot Cay

Como Parrot Cay offers a wide variety of classes including daily beach yoga. Their extensive fitness center overlooks the wetlands and is located right beside the spa


As more and more guests to Turks and Caicos are looking for wellness options, a lot of the resorts and restaurants are accommodating the needs and offering a wellness menu

Retreat Kitchen

Experience a vegetarian café and juice bar featuring vegan cuisine as well as some gluten free options. Open for lunch daily from Monday to Saturday

Sailrock Resort

Located in South Caicos Sailrock Resort is a stunning location for a relaxing and rejuvenation. And the dining experience just adds to the overall amazing experience to be had at this resort. Offering a full menu as well as wellness menus. For sample wellness menus please click here for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

COMO Parrot Cay

Once again keeping up with being a leader in wellness vacations, Como Parrot Cay offers delicious healthful cuisine. Within their regular menu, they offer healthy meal options. As well during the extensive complimentary breakfast, guests are treated to detoxifying juices, fruits, and many nutritious options

Medical Retreats

Grace Bay Medical Team attends to guests’ health goals with our wellness programs and retreats while immersing them in the natural beauty of the islands. Through customized plant-based diet, mindfulness practices, and contemporary holistic healing modalities, you will walk away relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Additionally, you will be empowered with techniques to reduce stress in your life at home. Whether you are looking to unwind from your busy life, or to receive a more comprehensive medicalized experience, we will provide you with a potent environment for health and healing while offering all you need to renew and restore.