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travel-books-1Living and working in the Turks and Caicos my job is helping others to discover and enjoy this incredibly unique place in the Caribbean. I am proud to call it my home and always tell people I meet about it’s unparalleled beauty and amazing people.

Travelers always ask me questions about the Turks and Caicos. People coming here not only want a perfect choice of accommodation and restaurants, they are also curious to find out about the islands. People are interested to know about our islands – ‘How did they get this long name? Who used to live here before? What are the roots of the local population? Are there sharks in the water?’

I love to talk about the islands…but I was so excited to learn that a new book – EXPLORE the TURKS AND CAICOS was published in late 2014 – that answers these and so many more questions about the TCI. It is a first-ever hardcover guide for anyone interested to learn a little bit of everything about the TCI. What impressed me the most, is the fact that this beautifully illustrated book is accessible to anyone – be they 5 or 65 years old. It is filled with numerous cool facts about history, geography, culture marine life and natural world. As you turn each page, vivid pictures tell the story of these islands in a very clear, informative and attractive way. I love the fact that now I have an actual book to send to my friends around the world and they will know about the place I call home.

What makes it even more personal is the fact that it was written by two educators from my sons’ school. Katie Hinks, a principal of the International School of the TCI, together with a teacher Irene Danics had a vision to create a book that would be appealing and educational at the same time. EXPLORE the TURKS AND CAICOS was created by their love of the islands; their passion for teaching and imparting knowledge is evident as you turn each page.

Whether you are planning to come to the TCI or are already here, make sure you don’t leave without a copy for yourself or a souvenir for your friends or family. They too, will want to come and explore what TCI has to offer!

EXPLORE the TURKS and CAICOS ISLANDS books are available at the hotel gift shops, Unicorn Bookstore and souvenir shops around the island. Or you can order online on or


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