Turks & Caicos Weather

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About  Weather Turks and Caicos

Weather Turks and Caicos with year round sunshine and cool tropical breezes, Turks & Caicos weather is ideal for fun filled days and memorable nights…enjoy year round sunshine and temperatures consistently in the 80s and 90s. Summer time temperatures from July – October tends to be the highest, although cool tropical breezes keep things comfortable. Most of the islands don’t get much rainfall, with only sporadic afternoon showers throughout the day during the year.

The sun is strong here in the islands so be sure to pack sun block, and it is recommended you wear a hat for extended stays in the sun. Turks & Caicos weather, sun is hottest in mid- to late afternoon, so avoid strenuous outdoor activities during that time of day.

Turks & Caicos Weather Average Temperatures (in Fahrenheit)

Average Rainfall (in Inches)


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