Turks & Caicos Entrance Requirements

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July 28, 2020

We’re so excited to be officially reopening to visitors on July 22nd! Travelers (age 10 and older) will have to a) submit an online health screening questionnaire and show proof of both a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than 5 days of arrival (Blood Draw, Antibody testing is not acceptable) and b) purchase medical/travel insurance that covers medevac, any costs related to quarantine, ambulance care, or care at a local hospital. Upon approval, you’ll get a Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Assured sticker and confirmation that you’re all set to travel.

A few key notes about the test and documents:

Pre-departure COVID-19 test

The negative PCR COVID-19 result obtained from the laboratory that conducted the test, which documentation should state—

  • the name, address, telephone number and email address of the laboratory at which the PCR COVID-19 test was conducted;
  • the date the PCR COVID-19 test was conducted;
  • the full names, date of birth and address of the person tested for PCR COVID-19;
  • the results of the PCR COVID-19 test conducted in relation to that person
  • report must include the traveler’s demographics, date the sample was collected and tested/reported, sample and test type.
  • The sample types being accepted is Nasopharyngeal
  • All test results must have sample/specimen type.
  • Only molecular assays are accepted, please look for the following abbreviations: NAA, NAAT, oOr a combination of any of the following, E, N ORF RdRp, PCR, rt-PCR, rt-qPCR
  • If the word antigen or antibody appears anywhere in the test name or is revealed that test performed is an antibody/antigen test when reviewing the disclaimer or notes- your application will be rejected
  • If a lab test was developed in-house, it needs to be confirmed that it has FDA, EUA approval – if not, your application will be reject (labs will let you know)
  • Use of home test kits should not be permitted, these samples are collected by the traveler and not a professional.

Be sure to carry the test results with you when travelling to the islands as you may need to give the test results to a health officer upon request.

Suggestions on how/where you can get a test:
Community-Based Testing
Drive-Thru Testing

A few key notes about the Insurance requirements:
Medical/Travel insurance that covers: in-country COVID-19 medical costs and full hospitalization, doctors’ visits, prescriptions along with air ambulance medevac coverage. A guest is made subject to quarantine or hospitalization shall bear the costs of all treatment received and the costs for accommodation and board. Some suggested/recommended Insurance companies providing the prerequisite insurance is available on the portal.

Getting your Authorization/Sticker to enter the island via the ‘TCI Assured’ Portal:
Prior to departing for the Islands guests will apply for travel authorization by completing the Travel Authorization Form on this portal, this will include uploading the negative test results document and completed insurance requirements. Once reviewed, you’ll get your sticker and confirmation that you can use when you check-in at the airline, and you’re all set to travel!

Lookout for the TCI Assured sticker around the island:

That TCI Assured sticker is something you’ll want to look out for elsewhere too, since it’s a literal stamp of approval from our government for public transportation, car rental companies, hotels, villas, restaurants, and more. It ensures that staff are regularly getting temperature checks, that social distancing is being followed (including at the beach and pools, where umbrellas and chairs must be at least six feet apart), and cleaning protocols are also in effect. Restaurants will also be serving at limited capacity and you’ll be asked to wear a mask or face covering in public places.

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