Whale Watching Turks and Caicos

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A whale watching day trip with Crystal Seas Adventures consists of your flight from Provo to Grand Turk or Provo to salt cay, your whale watching trip, lunch at Porter’s Island Thyme in salt cay or Sand bar in Grand Turk, a bit of snorkeling and relaxing on the beach if your flight times allow it.

For our whale watching day we flew into Grand Turk in the morning. I sometimes hear the comment from people about not liking small planes, but one thing is the view is absolutely wow! The best way to see all the different turquoise hues of Turks and Caicos waters is from a small plane – absolutely stunningly!

Upon arriving in Grand Turk we were greeted by Brian. Brian as well as many other terrific tour guides in Grand Turk are happy to share the rich culture and history of the islands. The history of grand Turk in particular is absolutely fascinating. From the salt industry, to the lighthouse, to historic front street and the freeing of slaves.
We enjoyed a very quick visit of some sights in grand Turk including he lighthouse, cruise ship center, governor’s house and duke street. One day in Grand Turk is not nearly enough to experience the charm and learn some of he history of the island!

nasa lighthouse historic

After lunch we went off to the beach to meet our boat.
Tim Dunn, captain of Crystal Seas Adventures picked us up on the beach on duke street at The Sand Bar Restaurant.

Our first stop on the boat is snorkeling off the wall. This is an amazing experience – one different from anything I’ve ever seen. At first the snorkeling is as normally gorgeous as anywhere in Turks! Colourful coral heads, sea fans and all different species of fish including parrot fish, snappers, and plenty more reef fish. But then there is blackness and all of a sudden all around is completely dark. This occurs as you go over the wall and all of a sudden the ocean floor drops to XXXX feet!!! Turn around and you are swimming back of over the cork again. Very cool!

Next is off to whale watch. We start off in calm waters and then far out the waves do get quite a bit more rough but we just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

As we started out captain Tim said “this is a game of patience” and he was right! But it was so worth it. As we splashed thru the waves we were told to look in the distance for what appears to be a puff of smoke. This
Is the whale blowing thru it’s blowhole. When we saw it in the distance Tim said” it’s show time!” And within seconds we were watching a mother whale and it’s calf swimming right alongside the boat. The literally glide thru the water, amazingly gently for such a huge mammal! And then Breaching – the baby calf gave us quite a show – coming straight out of the water and landing on it’s back. As the afternoon went on we did have a few more sightings as well. Such a wonderful afternoon. Some may call Tim and Daniel the “whale whispererers” since they always seem to find whales and when they do, it is an amazing once in a lifetime sight to behold.

crystal_seas Mother North Beach

The whales migrate by Turks And Caicos usually around Jan15 to April 15. Book your trip now

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