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On the wall of John Wright’s office at Wrightfully Fit are framed newspaper clippings from his high school days in Pittsburgh as a football and basketball star. Back then, according to headlines, he was Johnny.

After high school, John went on to play football at a junior college in Chicago before he was drafted to play the game professionally in Amsterdam. A neck and back injury cut his football career short, but health and fitness remained an integral part of John’s life.

So when John decided to become a personal trainer 25 years ago, the lifestyle that followed was nothing new for him. Teaching, however, was a skill he hadn’t yet mastered.

Today, John runs three great gyms on Providenciales, one located right in the heart of Grace Bay at Saltmills Plaza, another in Turtle Cove (close to Mango Reef Restaurant) and a third on Leeward Highway (a boxing gym).

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“It’s a little bit different being a teacher,” says John, 47. “Getting my certification showed me how much I didn’t know.”

At that time, John was a young 20-something living in Florida. He worked out at a gym in Boca Raton owned by a woman named Sue Rue. Sue, a personal trainer herself, saw potential in John to help other people.

“I just saw somebody who I thought would be an incredible asset to the industry,” says Sue, 67. “He had a passion for the sport, for the philosophy and business side of (personal training).”

Sue encouraged John to pursue a career in personal training. And that’s when John went back to school, familiarizing himself with kinesiology – the scientific study of the physiological, mechanical and psychological aspects of human movement.

But indeed, a healthy lifestyle is about more than just exercise – it’s also about eating right. And food nutrition became an important part of John’s studies, which spanned six months.

“I look at the complete package. I look at people who have an interest in the food side of it,” Sue says. “John got involved with that. He wanted to learn everything. He used to come to my house at night and cook. He wanted to be a step above. He didn’t want to be just another trainer out there.”

To read the rest of this story and learn how John established this leading Turks and Caicos Gym, download the free iPad app today.

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